When are the Bounce Forward events?

Bounce Forward events are held at various times throughout the year. We typically offer three events in the spring and fall and then host a summer event and holiday party in December. For more information, please join our Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/bounceforward/ 

My child is getting ready to graduate from high school. How do we learn about available options?

There are a variety of possibilities based on your child's interests and goals. Our staff will be happy to talk to you about opportunities and next steps. Please complete the Contact Us form and a Next staff member will contact you.

Can staff from Next attend my transition IEP?

Absolutely! Please give us a call to let us know when and where your IEP will be. Advanced notice is appreciated. It can be helpful to have someone from the Next team present as you plan for your future and decide what next steps to take. The Next team can provide a great perspective on what opportunities are available after high school.

Do I need to live in St. Louis County to participate in Next?

No. While many of our programs are located in St. Louis County, several of our programs are open to individuals in any county. Contact

What would be an example of a goal(s) that a Launch participant would have?

The Launch program is design to assist individuals with achieving any goals that lead them to their good life. This could be building friendships, further post-secondary education, employment, living independently, and everything in between.

In the individual coaching sessions what can a participant of Launch expect?

The individual sessions can vary from participant to participant depending on the goal/goals they  are working towards. However, participants can be expected to review  their goals, give an update on how things are going, and leave with a takeaway to work on in between individual sessions. 

How long is a participant enrolled in the Launch program?

There is no set amount of time a participant can be enrolled in the Launch program, it depends on the participant and the goals they are working towards.  A Launch participant could be enrolled for three months and another may stay enrolled for a year or more.  The nice thing is a participant can be enrolled as long as they feel like they need/want to be.

Is there funding available for Launch?

While Launch is a private pay program, EMAP funding can be used for those individuals who have it .